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How is the student online part-time money?

I yelled, screamed, and threw myself all over the place.

Running around I repeatedly kicked stones, struck the ground, and hit my head against the trees.

Anger, sadness, and so on just getting tangled up, I just kept crying.

But I can’t do that forever.

“Ha~… ha~ah…… Damn it…… a~, damn…”

I cried so much I couldn’t even feel hunger, all the same I was worn out.

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It was already night.

I left the Imperial City and ran around like crazy, so I don’t even know which way the city is.

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Is this the first time in my life I’m sleeping outdoors?

Besides, I left with just my clothes, so I don’t have any money, what’s going to happen to me?

But…… as it is……

“Haha… shit…… damn it…”

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I never knew. There are so many stars.

As I lay upon the meadow with my arms stretched out, I could see the myriad of stars shining in the night sky.

I knew for the first time that I had always slept regularly indoors at night.

『…… At last…… have you calmed down a little?』

There was Tre’ainar, right beside me.