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“We can’t do that!

“We have to view everyone who submits their resumes equally. We have to give them a chance to compete fairly!

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“That’s why we have to stop shortlisting applicants based on their resumes. We will accept anyone who submits their resumes and seeks a job.” As Hao Yun scribbled in her little notebook, she became filled with confusion. “Huh? But Boss Pei, that’ll be too much work. We can’t finish interviewing them all.”

Pei Qian shook his head. “You don’t have to interview every single one of them. We’ll look for a suitable time and venue to host a closed-book, written examination for all of them.

“Then, we can invite the top-scoring candidates to be interviewed.”

Hao Yun still looked confused. “That’ll still require a lot of money. In order to host a large-scale examination like that, we would need to rent a venue, set the questions, hire invigilators and markers, and so on.

“As more people apply, we would have to spend more money. Given how passionate people currently are about applying to Tengda for a job, I’m afraid hosting a large-scale written examination like that would not be cheap…”

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It would not be cheap?

That’s perfect!

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Pei Qian said solemnly, “This is necessary expenditure; we cannot save on it.”

“Er, alright.” Hao Yun nodded and quickly scribbled notes in her little notebook.

Once she was done, she scanned the contents of her little notebook and asked, “Will we ask the various department heads to set the questions and grade their respective sections?”