National Day online earning ideas

National Day online earning ideas

After seeing how weak Amano was in the first round, I gave him a bit of handicap and tried out some moves─ And…

Huh, what is this move of his… Oh, it’s a taunt?

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This was a common design in recent fighting games. Taunts. It didn’t have much meaning behind it, but it showcased the unique features of the various characters who made interesting moves.

I can’t stand this, he isn’t strong, but act so arrogantly… Alright.

I responded with a taunt of my own… However─

What, he used a second type of taunt against me? There are so many taunting moves in this game?

I looked at the sticker that showed the controls. At the corner, there was a small print about ‘Taunt 2’... No no no, Amano, remembering this thing is too strange!

I was a bit stunned, but I still responded with taunt 2. I then heard Amano muttering from the other side of the machine…


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“What’s so amazing!? What exactly is your standards!? There isn’t much time, I’m coming!”

“W-Wah! T-Take this, ultimate skill ‘super defence’!”


My character who was throwing a light punch got thrown back! Amano seemed really pleased.